Jake Winstrom and The Tim Lee 3 in NYC

Jake playing at Piano's, 158 Ludlow Street.

 This past weekend I got the opportunity to see a good friend’s band here in NYC. My friend Jake came up from Knoxville to play with the Tim Lee 3 at Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street. This show was particularly ballin’ because I got to be on the guest list, which not only saved me some bucks but made me feel very cool! 

The Tim Lee 3 began cranking out some authentic Southern Rock sounds as soon as I arrived around 8pm. Their music is the quintessential rock you find in many bars in the southern part of the United States, and hearing it here in New York was a nice flashback to my time in college going out to bars to hear local music. Their stage presence was great. They are very engaging and you can tell they really enjoy being on stage and doing what they do best. 

After their hour-long set, they continued to remain on stage and Jake Winstrom stepped on stage to join them for another hour of indie/rock-n-roll music. All four of them have a great chemistry and it is evident in their stage presence. I have seen Jake play countless times, and the show is always good. Jake’s unique voice and his talent for song writing are the highlights of the show. I hope to see them again in NYC soon and encourage people to make it out to their next show. 

The links to both of their myspace pages are below. 



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  1. Hah I’m honestly the first reply to this awesome article?

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